Rex and Rob Ryan Did Some Holiday Shopping in Bills Gear

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Christmas is just eight days away, and if you’re like me, you have yet to get things rolling in the shopping department. It’s really a precarious time considering we’ve just about reached that point where online shopping is a no-go, unless you’re willing to drop coin on express shipping.

Next year I’ll have to some pointers from Rex and Rob Ryan, who hit the mall a solid two weeks before the big day.

Seriously, these two just went right from practice to the mall in full Bills gears without a care in the world last week. And by the look of things, Bills Mafia is still all-in on Rex:

They did, however, leave empty handed:

The kiddies looking for autographs were also left disappointed:

Just saw Rex Ryan at the mall. Complete asshole. Telling kids and fans "no autographs" and shit. Right in front of Santa too.

— BB (@BigBoiBarone) December 11, 2015

Bonus: Bills Mafia Twitter geeks out over the trip.

Wow my parents saw and met Rex Ryan at the mall without me… Thx

— Mike Marchese (@mike__marchese) December 11, 2015

Currently following Rex Ryan at the galleria mall

— Ryan K Sullivan (@That_Kid_RyRy) December 11, 2015

casually running into Rex Ryan at the mall #justBuffalothings

— syd (@sydneyleemarco) December 11, 2015

Just met rex ryan at the mall. Life is funny

— Johan Bendyface (@_bendyface_) December 11, 2015

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