Cam Newton Photobombs Guy While Riding His Hoverboard

Screen shot 2015-12-15 at 2.35.26 PM

You all know Cam Newton just loves to ride around on his trusty hoverboard. It doesn’t matter if it’s a basic 7-Eleven run or a ride through traffic, Cam’s always on the move.

A photographer in Charlotte found out firsthand as he tried to take some pictures in the Charlotte area Monday night.

First, he took this nice, lively shot:


Then boom! Cam’s suddenly in his face stylishly photobombing him on his two wheeler:


Before riding off into the night:


We used to be worried about Cam getting in an accident riding these things, but not anymore. He’s clearly mastered the art of it (though they could always explode).

[H/t to R/sports]

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