Buy This Seattle Seahawks-Sounders Tailgate Short Bus — $3,500

Most Americans care about soccer every four years, so it makes total sense to everyone at the BC office that soccer tailgate vehicles simply don’t exist in the states. And if they did exist, we’d imagine most of them would just be Team USA themed.
Well, it turns out we were a little shortsighted because there happens to be a random Seattle Seahawks-Sounders FC short bus for sale in the Pacific Northwest.
You have the Seahawks on one side (with the 12th man on the hood), and the Sounders portion on the other for when you’re traveling to a big game against the Galaxy.
Some information from the seller:

Here is your chance to be the life of the party! This short bus is a seasoned veteran of tailgating Hawk Alley. It has been the chariot of 12s to such games as “Beast Quake”, “The Fail Mary”(It was a catch!), “The Tip”, and “The Comeback”. It now can be your trusty stead in the run to the Seattle Seahawks third straight Super Bowl!
You are not buying a mere bus, you are buying an experience. Lady 12s will want you and Man 12’s will want to be you. If your blood bleeds blue and green and you drink-ith the Pete Carroll Kool-aid this bus is for you.

How can the ultimate Seattle sports fan say no to this seller? He’s basically ensuring a Super Bowl and possibly love because of this bus.

A look around

A small bathroom, but a place to clear your body of waste nonetheless:

Sounders logo:

Obligatory 12th man crap:

Ample seating for your fellow 12s:


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