Bears Fan Helps Break Up Crazy Indiana Town Hall Brawl

National news outlets are going nuts this morning/afternoon over a brawl Tuesday night that broke out at an Indiana town hall meeting and included a couple of good old boys jumping on an old timer. The good news at the Hymera, IN town hall meeting is that there was a Bears fan there to intervene and get between the brawling factions.
WTHI had a reporter and camera in the building as fists started flying.

Indiana State Police Tuesday night were called to the small town, about 90 miles southwest of Indianapolis, following a fight that erupted when the town’s board passed a motion to give the marshal position to Daryl McCullough.
McCullough was set to replace Darrick Cullison, the town’s former marshal, who stated he was wrongly fired. According to News 10 records, Cullison has taken legal action against the board.
In exclusive video captured by News 10, two men are seen lunging at McCullough. The video shows one man striking McCullough in the face several times. Another man, holding McCullough by the face.

Thank god Bears fan was there. Who knows what would’ve happened between these good old boys. There might’ve been more eye gouging and left hooks to the new marshal’s head.

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