Bills Broad On Urinal, Karl Malone's Christmas Tree & Paulina In Pool

To those who still think I’m picking on Johnny Manziel & stalking his girlfriend…
…you need to understand that these people post material on social media, right? There were some confused people on Twitter last night that thought BC was supposed to be some Holy Grail for journalism. I’m a blogger. I’m not a journalist who gets shipped out to a locker room to chat with players about “what they bring to the table.” People post things on social media or the Internet and we opine. That’s how this blogging thing works. Some sites think they’re journalists. Go look at SB Nation and Deadspin. Not BC. That’s not our thing. The goal still remains the same from eight years ago when I started BC: Entertain guys who are at work and are miserable. Give guys an escape. Give them things they want to see away from the field. Give them things ESPN won’t show. And that’s what we’ve been doing for eight years. Not much has changed.
Numbers fromĀ @corryjoel:
Peyton Manning still has 4 more interceptions than any other QB despite missing the last 3 games.

Sad Johnny, Sad Browns Fans & Chiefs B00bs
Sad Johnny, Sad Browns Fans & Chiefs B00bs
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