Brett Favre Rocks No. 4 at Key West Triathlon

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You just know Brett Favre badly wants to return to the gridiron and prove he still has it, but it looks like the ol’ gunslinger has found a new sport to quell those desires: triathlons.

Favre competed in an Alabama triathlon back in 2014, and he was back in the saddle Saturday for the Key West Triathlon.

According to NBC2, the event included a 1.5-kilometer swim, 40k bike ride, and 10k run (a huge step up from his Bama triathlon). Basically, a bunch of crazy physical activities that no one at 46 should be able to complete.

But Favre, owner of 321 consecutive NFL starts, put on that No. 4 and went to work:

However, that work apparently paled in comparison to the effort his wife, Deanna, put forth:

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