Meet Lions Superfan Penelope Hicks


There I was cruising the #onepride tag on an IG search looking for crazy fans at tonight’s Packers-Lions game and the hat smacked me in the face. Ziggy Ansah on the bill. I’d never seen a hat like that in my life. Of course I was clicking into the “penelobo” account to get more details. That’s when I met Penelope Hicks, who just happens to be a Lions superfan, which is rare for the Lions.

Look, I’ve been at this game a long time. I can’t remember ever coming across a chick who’s hot and roots for the Lions. I’m not talking Kelly Stafford. I’m talking real fans that have actually suffered through a lifetime of football misery.

Penelope just forged a new frontier for BC. I didn’t think hot Lions fans existed. Now I need to go order one of those hats, but I want Ickey Woods on mine doing the Ickey Shuffle.