Redskins Douche Screams "You Like That" At Giants Fans After Game

Need more proof why┬áI prefer to just stay home and watch games on the couch? Need more proof why it’s not advisable to wear opposing team gear to a game, especially NFL divisional games? Here you go – all the proof you need why you should just stay home.
Right into the faces of Giants fans after the Redskins won Sunday’s game 20-14.
I’m all good with Redskins douche screaming “YOU LIKE THAT” at Giants fans. I’m in the content business and it doesn’t appear he hurt any Giants fans. Now, Redskins fan needs to be aware that it only takes one pissed off Giants fan to knock his ass out. That’s the other side of this. Remember the Giants fan running his mouth to Eagles fan and then getting knocked out?
Just be ready for that punch that rearranges your face. It might be coming one of these days. I just hope someone records it.

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