Auburn Guy’s Nuts, Bama Middle Fingers & OSU Fan Carried Out

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Clemson, Iowa, Michigan State, Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Ohio State walk into a bar 

Who walks out? I have this weird feeling that North Carolina somehow beats Clemson, Michigan State wins B1G title and Bama wins easily in SEC. Then what? Oklahoma gets in because it’s the “hottest” team in the country? Notre Dame gets in because it’s Notre Dame? Ohio State gets in because ESPN wants to pay bills? Chaos. Don’t forget the guideline for picking the four teams: “The four teams that go to the College Football Playoff are determined by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. The selection committee chooses the four teams for the playoff based on strength of schedule, head-to-head results against common opponents, championships won and other factors.” Remember, there’s no automatic qualifier. Would an undefeated Iowa be guaranteed a spot?

Numbers from @corryjoel:

Matt Schaub should earn an extra $1M because of Joe Flacco’s injury. $500,000 incentive for 5% season playtime & another $500,000 at 10%.

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