Mr. & Mrs. Evan Longoria, Mr. & Mrs. Matt Clark Send Wedding Gift Thank Yous

Houston Astros sideline reporter Julia Morales and her new husband, baseball player Matt Clark (three career MLB HRs) got a white mini Santoku knife that set me back $16.13 (with tax). Legendary Playmate Jaime Edmondson and her new husband Evan Longoria (205 career MLB HRs) were the recipients of a 14″ French Tasting Spoon that checked in at $11.76 (with tax).
I finally checked the mail after letting it pile up for about two weeks and both wedding gift thank you notes were lodged in with the local free newspaper, Time Warner junk mail and the normal circulars. Morales (@JuliaMoralesRS) and Clark (@MattClark60) were married earlier this month in Texas.

The big Edmondson-Longoria wedding bash is New Year’s Eve in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’ll just assume Evan isn’t a college football fan, because that kind of scheduling is even harder to fathom than these SEC fans who schedule weddings in October.

A little history for those of you wondering why these two couples get wedding gifts from the BC wedding gift fund.
Matt Clark used to be our correspondent on all things Japanese baseball since he played over there and understands the intricacies of the league. He’s also our go-to on minor league questions since he’s bounced around for multiple seasons since he was 21. Guy knows his stuff and he shares quite a bit that you probably don’t realize.
As for Edmondson-Longoria, we’ve been team EL from the beginning. Way back. Jaime (keep track of her on Facebook) used to be a big BC Twitter fiend before she had kids and all the responsibilities like changing shitty diapers. We go so far back that I once bought her breast milk storage containers for her first born. And you know she volunteered to pose in Cam Newton’s BCS game pants.
So it’s great to see a couple of BC old timers get old and do some grown up stuff. It’s starting to make me feel old.

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