Kurt Warner Takes Elbow to Face, Breaks Jaw [PHOTO]

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Just because Kurt Warner escaped the physical grind of playing in the NFL doesn’t mean he’s safe from injury.

The leader of the “Great Show on Turf” revealed Friday that he broke his jaw after taking an elbow to the face:

Just placed myself on IR – took an elbow 2 jaw & broke in a couple places!!! @WarnerBrenda wondering if this could finally stop me? #NevaEva

— Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner) November 20, 2015

Kurt didn’t mention how he broke his jaw, so feel free to let your imagination run wild with possibilities in the meantime. Was Kurt playing basketball? Perhaps! Flag football? Probably not!

Brenda, Kurt’s wife, took to Twitter minutes later to show that the injury separated his teeth:

My hubs @kurt13warner just broke his jaw. The break separated his teeth! Now I get to take good care of him…still😊 pic.twitter.com/epppYrnSe4

— Brenda Warner (@WarnerBrenda) November 20, 2015

Rough way to start the weekend.

Update: Kurt’s high on paid meds!

Just woke from a nap in a hospital bed curled up next to @kurt13warner waiting for surgery at 5pm. He's high on pain meds I am high on him 😍

— Brenda Warner (@WarnerBrenda) November 20, 2015


— Brenda Warner (@WarnerBrenda) November 21, 2015