The 35 Sexiest Female Figure Skaters in the World

35. Alissandra Aronow

Figure Skating has been around since it was first introduced during the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. It was the first Winter Olympic sport to be showcased during a Summer Olympics and was the reason there was the inaugural 1924 Winter Olympics in France.

Over the past 100 years of competition, not only has the sport grown in popularity, it has become a staple of the Winter Olympics for everyone, including those people that know very little about the sport.

Have you ever found yourself watching Figure Skating during the Olympics and make a comment about how you would score that performance differently? We all have so don’t be embarrassed.

There is nothing wrong with watching a sport where just about every single woman, the ones that are over 18 of course, are smoking hot. The list of beautiful Figure Skaters from all over the World is endless and we have it for your enjoyment.