Miss Kentucky Katie George is a Louisville Volleyball Captain

If you’re looking for a strong “Future Erin Andrews” candidate, look no further than Louisville volleyball star Katie George. Simply put, the girl has a resume anyone would die for.
First off, it only took her three years to earn her undergraduate degree, and is already working on her Master’s Degree in Communications. As a player, she earned first-team honors to the American Athletic Conference in 2013 and All ACC honors in 2014. Oh, and when she wasn’t killing it in academia and volleyball, Katie somehow also logged time as an intern for WLKY32 and CBS Sports Network. The extracurricular effort put forth by Katie is just mind-boggling.
And if all of that wasn’t enough, she was named Miss Kentucky 2015. We’d worry about her balancing act, but it looks like she has the multitasking thing down.

[Katie George- IG]

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