Buy This ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Bengals Tailgate Bus — $2,000

Are you a Bengals fan depressed that your team just lost its first game of the season to the damn Texans? If so, that totally makes sense.
However, everything’s still all good for the Bengals’ prospects this season. The Patriots’ offensive weapons are dropping like flies, Brock Osweiler is starting for the Broncos, and every team in the AFC south blows (for the most part) — now is not the time to get discouraged!
If anything, you should double down on that deep playoff run with this 1980 International Bengals bus. There isn’t much a description to work with, but you don’t really need one with this Bengal devouring Ben Roethlisberger:

That should seal the deal right there, and if it somehow didn’t — here is the Bengals conference room waiting for you inside:


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