Scumbag Dons Bears Beanie to Rob Waukegan Bank

Bears fans have randomly come across a joyous period in their season. The Packers are on a three-game skid since the Mike Ditka curse, and their team has actually won two games in a row after pounding the Rams Sunday.
Off the field, however, the Bears took a loss in the civility department when a man decided to rob Fifth Third Bank in Waukegan while rocking his team’s knit cap.
Oh, and that bank just happened to be located on Green Bay Road — details from the Chicago Tribune:

At about 11:30 a.m. Thursday, a man wearing a Chicago Bears knit cap walked into the Fifth Third Bank branch at 702 N. Green Bay Road and demanded money from a teller, Waukegan police Cmdr. Joe Florip said. A weapon was not displayed or mentioned by the suspect, described by police as a 5-foot-8, 150-pound white man in his late 40s.

You just know that the Green Bay Road thing had to play some role in this guy’s decision to rob this specific bank. It just makes too much sense not to.
Bonus scumbag: Waukegan Police would also like to get their hands on this breathing tube bandit.

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Vikings Fan Casually Showing Off His Ankle Monitor
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