2015 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Oklahoma at Baylor

The Big 12 really screws themselves over by not having a championship game like the rest of the power conferences. Baylor is sitting at 8-0 right now, ranked 6th in the country, and is in the driver’s seat in the Big 12. But if those top four teams win out, then the Big 12 is probably going to get snubbed from the playoff again, even if Baylor finishes undefeated. I think maybe they should look into adding a championship game.
Today, the GameDay crew is in Waco, where the Sooners are looking to knock off Baylor and keep themselves in the hunt to win the Big 12. It’s refreshing to see college kids outside holding signs and screaming and yelling about something that doesn’t involve getting their school president fired. Here are the best ones:
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2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: LSU at Alabama
2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: LSU at Alabama
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