Strip Club Offering Free Lap Dances to Mavericks if They Beat Clippers

You already knew the Dallas Mavericks would be entering tonight’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers with some extra fire after the DeAndre Jordan offseason saga/kidnapping/emoji fest, but the Vlive strip club is upping the ante even further.
Per TMZ, club owner David Cobb is offering the players free lap dances with a win:

“If Dallas wins tonight, all of the players will get free lap dances for the rest of the season.”

(That sound you hear is the collective groan of all the married dudes on the team.)
Honestly, we don’t think these guys need any more pressure.
Think about it, Mark Cuban has been acting like a dude who can’t get over his ex for months, Mavericks Twitter has been spending the day trolling, and now free lap dances are on the line? This is pretty much their NBA Finals Game 7.
Update: Looks like the Mavs will be headed to the strip club tonight.

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