Caitlyn Meets USWNT, Smokey Groom’s Cake & Bama Crock-Pot Chili

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A tweet I thought you’d enjoy…

…comes to us from @RDewing07 – “How did college students become so alien to me? I’m only 31 but they seem like a completely diff species of human.” Very good question, Rachel. And it’s one that researchers are burning through grant money right now trying to figure out. All I can think of is that we’re dealing with Generation Entitled®. Entitled to weekends off work. Entitled to telling their bosses when they’ll be available to work. Entitled to work the hours they want to work. Here’s a great example for you. Mrs. BC had to deal with a paid intern at her company who took lunch even though she didn’t work enough hours each day to get a lunch break. The intern disappeared when she wanted to disappear. The intern came in when she wanted to. The intern made up the rules instead of following the rules. And she was told time and time again about the rules. Still didn’t care. Not a care in the world. Came from money. Didn’t care about giving effort. No pressure to actually provide for herself.  That’s what we’re dealing with.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

Karl-Anthony Towns now has 4 double-doubles through 6 career games, twice as many as any other teenager in the last 30 seasons