Buy Reggie Jackson’s 1964 Chevrolet Corvette — $50,100 + on eBay

It’s been super quiet on the Reggie Jackson car collection front since June, but luckily for car aficionados, a 1964 Chevrolet Corvette has popped up on eBay in time for the holidays.

This is the first Jackson Corvette we’ve come across, so now isn’t the time to be gunshy. It has about 63,000 miles on it, original paint/leather and all the paperwork to soothe any authenticity worries you may have.
Information from the current owner:

This is a documented 1964 Chevrolet Corvette with fuel injection.  Authentic Reggie Vette previously owned by MLB HOF Reggie Jackson.  Original paint 2940AA Satin Silver, original red leather trim interior 2898MJ.  Original CE (counter exchange) 2L84AA fuel injection 327/375hp V8 engine, original 2J65AD metallic brakes, original 2N11A off-road exhaust, original 2G81GA post-traction axle 411R, original 2U69BB PB AM/FM radio, original 2A01BA tinted glass, original 2C07AA auxiliary hardtop, original 2A31AA power windows and original 2T86AE backup lights.  Car is complete with documentation and verification from the former president of NCRS, Roy Sinort referencing its Paperwork and Window Sticker.

There is one catch: you’re going to have to go to battle with other eBayers for this prize. There are currently 12 bids that have pumped the price up to $50,100 with five days left remaining in the auction.
Of course, you could just go with the Buy It Now $89,000 option if you’re a baller.


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