Russell Wilson And Ciara Seem To Be Enjoying The Bye Week

It’s the bye week for the Seahawks this week, so the players get a couple of extra days off before getting back on the grind on Monday. Russell Wilson and Ciara have taken full advantage of this with a nice romantic trip to Mexico — sex free of course.
I’m still not sure I believe that Russ and Ciara don’t have sex. I just don’t understand how you go on a vacation like this and don’t do it. That’s literally the whole point of these vacations.
It’s kind of like Tebow in college. I find it hard to believe he stayed abstinent at UF when smoke bombs were literally throwing themselves at him 24/7. Same with Russell. How can you refrain when one of the hottest girls on the planet is your girlfriend?
And for the dudes out there, here’s more pictures of Ciara from the trip.


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