Kelly Stafford Defends Matthew's Intelligence, Mentions Wonderlic Score

In case you missed it, Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, has been maxing and relaxing on a beach somewhere having a good time with vodka and gymnastics.

But man, the good times stopped rolling for a bit this morning when Kelly got wind of a report by Ian Rapoport that mentioned a coach questioning Matthew’s intelligence (via the Detroit Free Press):

“There’s a lot going on with Matthew Stafford now … he was benched earlier in the year which, for a franchise quarterback, never happens,” Rapaport said. “I’m also told that Joe Lombardi, the former offensive coordinator, was frustrated that he couldn’t put enough on Stafford’s plate, did not think he was able to handle it, was not taking as much control of the offense as the coaching staff wanted.
“In fact, new offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter actually had to simplify things for Stafford. All of which, in part, leads to the conclusion that Stafford’s days in Detroit are very much numbered.”

Obviously this didn’t sit well with Kelly, who fired off an Instagram post that included screenshots of Dan Orlovsky defending Matthew:
[protected-iframe id=”ad86a4cc6279892e8c506dc5fbabbec1-22577676-53282995″ info=”” width=”500″ height=”598″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
Her fiery caption:

So I guess I’m a little behind the time since I have been enjoying myself on the beach… Heard that one of the coaches, who got fired, came after matthew’s intelligence. That is seriously comical. Come after the way he plays all you want, but the second you come after his intelligence is when you look far too desperate. #wonderlic38 And if you’re getting tired of me sticking up for my husband.. Then PLEASE feel free to unfollow..Please.

Nothing like dropping the mic with a Wonderlic reference.

[Kelly Stafford- IG]

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