Ravens Fan Cutting Losses, Selling Tailgate Creeper Van — $1,500

You know your team’s season has gone down the drain when you decide to list a pretty nice tailgate van — with rebuilt motor — for just $1,500.
For one Ravens fan in Baltimore, he just can’t look at this image of Ray Lewis kneeling down over Ben Roethlisberger anymore:

Or stare into the eyes of this giant raven on the hood:

Or wonder why two tires on the other side of the vehicle sits on chrome:

It’s just too painful, man. That’s what happens when your team sits in last place with the goddamn Browns — you just want to sell off everything.
But hey, anyone looking for a nice ride for next season can surely capitalize on this sadness. $1,500 is about as good of a deal as you will find for a respectable vehicle in the tailgating market.

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Buy This Buffalo Bills Tailgate Creeper RV — $5,000
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