A Bunch Of Ex-Miami Players And A US Congressman Are Sick Of Al Golden


Times aren’t exactly great at Miami these days and today didn’t help. Clemson came to town and put a 58-0 beat down on the Canes. The U? More like The Poo, am I right? I thought of that all by myself.

Coming into today they were 4-2 with a horrible loss to Cincinnati and the other to FSU. But even before those losses, people were calling for Al Golden’s head. They wanted him out so bad that people have been flying #FireAlGolden banners over their games — even the away games. But today made it so much worse. The fire Al Golden Richter Scale went from about a 10 to a billion. We have former players like Warren Sapp and Leon Searcy calling him out and even a damn US Congressman ready to get rid of him.

Thank U ABC! #FireHim

— Warren Sapp (@WarrenSapp) October 24, 2015

Well the mascot leads US out of the smoke?, I guess it's his team. #AlGottaGo pic.twitter.com/BiAYEFSNOU

— Warren Sapp (@WarrenSapp) October 24, 2015


Alumni can't even be on sidelines anymore, which is crazy to me. When I was there & seeing Sapp, Irvin,Testaverde made u play even harder

— Bryant Mckinnie (@BryantMckinnie) October 24, 2015

Now ur trapped way up in a skybox smh! Those guys would be on the sideline giving advice as well.

— Bryant Mckinnie (@BryantMckinnie) October 24, 2015

Time to head in a new direction as a program, enough is enough & I sat back & have been patient & quite long enough.

— Bryant Mckinnie (@BryantMckinnie) October 24, 2015

UM better take a page out the Dolphins notebook & y'all know what I mean

— Bryant Mckinnie (@BryantMckinnie) October 24, 2015

@GoldenAl @CanesAllAccess I'm done holding my tongue! This guy needs to leave south Florida….I will buy his plane ticket!!! Economy!!!

— Joaquin Gonzalez (@Joaquin_UMOL73) October 24, 2015

A new low for @CanesFootball – an absolute embarrassment for what was once a great program. Anyone at @univmiami care to try to save it?

— Carlos Curbelo (@carloslcurbelo) October 24, 2015

It’s gotten so bad, he’s also causing people to brawl in the stands.

#Miami fans scuffling in the stands. Lots of people being ejected. #Clemson up 28-0. pic.twitter.com/vcj0SMuNp3

— Sefton Ipock (@SeftonIpock) October 24, 2015


When you know you’re about to get fired and don’t want to look at the fans.

Al Golden with players postgame during playing of alma mater. Can't look at the crowd. pic.twitter.com/HXOc7jLQK8

— Clay Ferraro (@ClayWPLG) October 24, 2015


See ya, Al!