2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: Richmond at James Madison

The slate of games today are AWFUL, and by awful I mean the only ranked match up is between Ole Miss and Texas A&M tonight — two teams who aren’t going to the playoff. This is one of those weekends you schedule your wedding, or spend the day with your girlfriend, or any other thing you wouldn’t normally want to do on a Saturday. You won’t be missing anything.
With these awful games, the GameDay crew really had no good options for a location, so they decided to head up to Harrisonburg, VA for a little FCS action between James Madison and Richmond. I think the James Madison kids are pretty excited.

James Madison is always somewhere in the top 20 of party schools. It’s going to be wild this morning. Here are the best signs.
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2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: Michigan State at Michigan
2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: Michigan State at Michigan