Sarah Silverman Sends A Message, Chip Kelly Buys & Vols Troll Kiffin

Blue Jays at Royals for the baseball nerds out there. In college football, 39-year-old Memphis head coach Justin Fuente will get a step closer to becoming a multi-millionaire by beating up on Tulsa. That’s at 8 EST on ESPN. You’ll also get to see Memphis junior QB Paxton Lynch, who has thrown 13 touchdowns and one interception. He’s listed at 6-7, 245. Yep, that’s what the NFL’s looking for.
Uh….Sarah Silverman is sending a message
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Report: Chip Kelly buys NJ house, probably not going to USC
Vols fans leave voicemails on Lane Kiffin’s phone
Ole Miss AD pissed at Memphis newspaper for KO’d Nkemdiche cover
Louisville model suing basketball stripper for devaluing her degree
Florida mugshot: She pulled her pants down & took a leak in a cop car
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