Blackhawks Fan Sends Out "Chelsea Dagger" Gun Gram Via Glock

Well, look what we have here. A breakout star for the 2015-16 NHL season and his name is Charlie. He found a niche on YouTube where he sells Gun Grams to customers who are willing to pay $30 for Charlie to shoot a gun and play a trumpet at the same time. It seems like he’ll take requests. Email him at [email protected]
In this case, Charlie belted out “Chelsea Dagger” because it’s the Blackhawks’ theme song at the United Center. Hockey season. Glock. Trumpet. “Chelsea Dagger.” It all makes sense.
This isn’t something Charlie just started. A look through his catalog reveals that he’s been doing this for over a year. That’s what’s great with this country and capitalism. You figure out a way to separate a person from his/her money. Fan Duel and Draft Kings do it one way. Charlie does it another.

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