Michigan Fan Cries His Heart Out After The Loss To Michigan State

The way Michigan lost last night was an all time ending right up there with Auburn’s “pick six” and when Stanford’s band was on the field, but I’m going to fire off this hot take right now and say that it wasn’t bad enough to warrant the weep-a-thon that this fan gave.

Jesus christ, dude. I get that sports can get emotional and it sucks to lose that way, but you’re crying your soul out like your whole family just died or something. I think it’s awesome that we can have such huge emotional investments in our teams that it can legitimately ruin our day, but this guy took it too far.
I’d understand maybe a little watering of the eyes or a couple tears streaming down the face, but when you’re a grown man who probably has kids that’s hysterically crying like toddler who got their toy taken away after a regular season loss, I think it’s time to reevaluate your life.

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