Buy Joe DiMaggio’s 1991 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL — $5,000 + on eBay


Are you a Yankees fan looking to acquire some Joe DiMaggio memorabilia, but don’t want to drop thousands on an old piece of cardboard? Well, you’re in luck — because currently available on eBay is Joe’s old 1991 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL.

The car was presented to Joe on July 28, 1991 on Old Timer’s Day before a game against the then-California Angels.

Details from the seller:

I am very proud to offer this exceptional Arctic White over Dove Grey 1991 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Sedan. This 420SEL left the Mercedes-Benz production line in January of 1991 making this one of the very last W126 S-Class sedans off the production line before production was closed down. Presented to Hall of Famer Joe Dimaggio on July 27th 1991 by the New York Yankees team the car was sent back to Dimaggio’s home in Miami Beach Florida where the he lived until his death in 1999. The car remained in the Dimaggio estate until May of 2006 when Dimaggio’s personal items were auctioned off. Having only traveled 65,600 miles from brand new, this car comes complete with all of its original books, owners manuals, warranty books, dealer books, service and warranty books, Mercedes-Benz tool kit, jack and spare as well. Documentation and letter of provenance go with the car verifying it is in fact Joe Dimaggio’s car.

If you’re having doubts about authenticity, the seller has a perfect eBay rating and possesses all the documents necessary to ease your mind.

Joe’s name on the owner/warranty booklet:


A binder of photos from the day:


And a letter of authenticity:


The auction currently stands at $5,000, but it started just a day ago so prospective buyers will likely have to duke it out.






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