Petco Park Golf Actually Looks Pretty Interesting

The San Diego Padres have yet to solve the puzzle of assembling a roster that can succeed in Petco Park, but at least the team has figured out how to make some extra cash with their stadium in the offseason with… nine-hole golf!
Seriously, the Padres have teamed up with Callaway and are converting spacious Petco Park into a golfer’s paradise from Nov. 6 to Nov. 8.
Details from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

A Callaway spokesman said about 144 individual player slots over the three days would be available to the public.
This won’t be anything close to your normal round. It begins with a putting green in the Padres dugout and there’s another putt on the eighth hole in the bullpen, but other than that the golfers won’t need the flatstick. Putting on the rest of the holes would require a hard hat and suit of armor, with balls being launched from various Petco decks.
Seven shots will be taken from levels of the stadium to greens set up on the field of play – four from tees in the upper deck, one from The Porch in left field, another from the Batter’s Eye in center field, and the closing shot from Western Metal Supply.

An illustration of the course (via

How golfers don’t inevitably get in each other’s way will be interesting, to say the least — but hey, it’s definitely an out-of-the-box idea.
Here are the ridiculous prices in case you want to book an early November vacation to San Diego:

Anthony Rizzo Working on His Bat Flip Game in BP
Anthony Rizzo Working on His Bat Flip Game in BP
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