Britt McHenry Gets Soaked, Kansas City Royals Cats & Manziel’s Dog

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How to go viral these days

Take the hottest story of the day, get on TV, create a 3-4 minute video where you eviscerate an object like Greg Hardy or people calling Lamar Odom a Kardashian reality star. Look, I get what’s going on with Katie Nolan and Scott Van Pelt. It’s GREAT for business and people will share the shit out of these videos where you destroy the object. Here’s the Van Pelt “One Big Thing.” But how else do you think someone who watches Nancy Grace is going to know Lamar Odom? Of course that’s how Nancy Grace is going to reference Lamar Odom. Yes, the sports world knows of Lamar Odom, obviously, as a 6th Man and member of the Lakers. This seems pretty simple to me. Lamar chose to be on a reality show so in the entertainment world that’s what you become known for. This isn’t hard.

Brothels are relics, according to the LA Times

You know how much money brothels contribute to Nevada politicians annually? $20,000.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

2015 will be 1st postseason in which all 4 LCS teams have NOT won a World Series title in previous 20 seasons (LCS began in 1969)