Meet Victoria Lopyreva: Miss Russia World Cup 2018

Vladimir Putin made it clear about a month ago when he selected Victoria Lopyreva as his Miss World Cup 2018 that he’s not playing games with the World Cup when it hits Russian soil. He went out and found the hottest model with television experience to be his Miss World Cup 2018 and it just happens that Ms. Lopyreva is also a former Miss Russia on the pageant side of things.
Little has been made of Lopyreva in the United States, but European soccer sites are starting to write about the supermodel who boasts 181k Twitter followers (@ LopyrevaVika) and 650k more on Instagram. At 32, Victoria is obviously on the TV side of her modeling career instead of runways. Heidi Klum, now 42, handled similar duties at the 2014 World Cup.
This isn’t a job you throw some 25-year-old fluky into. Putin needs a woman he can trust with such an honor. So he turned to a woman who holds a similar job as Klum in Russia. Lopyreva, according to her official site, is one of the co-hosts for a fashion emergency show. She also does some work for the Travel Channel.

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