An Iowa State Fan Is Selling His 1973 Tailgate RV — $2,500

No state outside of Ohio has more tailgating mobiles than Iowa. It’s like all they do in that state is tailgate and eat corn. Over the summer when we were really cranking out these tailgate posts before football season, it seemed like we had at least one Iowa or ISU bus/RV/van every week.
Well, this guy is looking to sell his tailgate RV because he lives in Minnesota now and doesn’t want to make that long ass drive to Iowa every weekend anymore. I gotta say, I feel bad for this guy. Based on his description he seems kind of bummed out to be getting rid of it. It sounds like a lot of memories were made on drunken Saturday mornings in the Fall in Iowa.

This RV has given me nothing but joy since the fateful day my friends and I split the bill to buy it from previous ISU owners. It’s got everything you need to have the best tailgating machine in the lots plus a bed to have the best post-tailgating passed out sleep you could ever want. Including working air conditioning and refrigerator, you’ll also not have to worry about waking up in a sweat and not having a nice cold water to grab to fight that vicious hangover. If you want to listen to raging loud tailgating music during the day, it has a 7.1 surround system and sub under one of the benches. If you want to listen to the soothing tones of the ISU fight song in its entirety, just press the button on the key fob remote to hear the speaker under the hood. If you feel old and just want to sit down and play some games, there’s a removable boat-style table in the back surrounded by upholstered seating. How about storing your game day bibs, beer bongs, and jumper cables? Well there’s a lockable closet for that. The front cab body is in great shape, both doors and windows/vents work, no cracked glass anywhere, and the original seats have held up amazingly well with no sun fading. The engine is right in between the seats for easy service/access. Engine cover locks to the fire wall and is insulated.
Here’s a bulleted list of other things about the RV:
-fucking sweet paint job inside and out
-vinyl tile flooring for easy clean up
-every seating surface is upholstered
-lockable storage closet inside with open storage above in several places
-under-bench storage
-exterior storage on rear and left side of RV
-working generator/extension cord hookup to exterior runs the outlets inside, air conditioner and fridge
-sleeping quarters over the cab
-boat-style removable post/table in the back seating area
-head unit/speaker system with aux cable
-new rear tires
-new fuel filler neck
-new brake master cylinder/booster
-new brake calipers
-new battery
-new front benches/upholstery
-new ceiling
-water proofed roof (covered in EPDM roofing rubber)
-new headlights/tail lights
-new power steering hydraulic hose
-new muffler
-ISU fight song horn
Why am I selling this shaggin wagon, you may be asking? Well sadly I just don’t get the use out of it anymore; I live in Minnesota and the 200mi drive not only takes its toll on a 40+yr old vehicle, but I also don’t make many games these days. My friends who live in Ames still have graciously agreed to store this on their property right in campus town, so checking the RV out is convenient for whoever wants to buy it. I really want this thing to stay in the rotation in Iowa State. It’s not made for long hauls anymore, but it sure as hell is made for tailgating and football! Open to offers, feel free to call or text.

I can tell that this guy really wants his baby to end up in some good hands. Nobody writes that long of a Craigslist post unless they really care about what they’re selling. So one of you die hard ISU fans need to snatch this RV up and let its legacy live on.
Side note: having the fight song as the horn is F’ing┬ádope.

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