Ohio State Fans Build Massive Ohio Stadium Cake Out of 261 Eggs, 87 Cake Mixes

Saturday marks a huge milestone for a group of Ohio State fans who have been building an Ohio Stadium cake for 25 years. It all started “as a light-hearted means of celebrating the great tradition of Ohio State football,” according to the group’s website. ” Why build a stadium cake? The group says that a tailgater said it couldn’t be done, so the challenge was on.
The group is so organized and that they’ve been able to raise money and award 57 scholarships since 2004.

These numbers to grew even larger for the Eleventh and Twelfth Annual Ohio Stadium Cakes in 2001 and 2002 after renovations to the Stadium Cake, like the renovations to the Horseshoe itself, had been completed.  The Cake Crew added an expanded C-deck on the west side of the stadium, luxury suites, and the new press box.  In 2001 and 2002, the cake consisted of 84 cake mixes, 252 eggs, 1½ gallons of vegetable oil, 126 pounds of powdered sugar, 21 pounds of shortening, 1½ gallons milk, and 24 ounces vanilla extract.  In 2003, cake grew to 87 cake mixes and 261 eggs.  The ingredients for the Ohio Stadium Cake have remained fairly constant since 2003.

Big question: What do they do with the cake after the game? I’ll update when the group’s Twitter account gets back to me.


The first Ohio Stadium Cake:


The 25th annual Ohio Stadium Cake:







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