Jesse Palmer's Career On Fire, Reports On Taylor Swift Curse

The molding of Jesse Palmer into the new Josh Elliott of Good Morning America has been going on now for a couple years. And then it happened Monday morning. Jesse Palmer has officially been baptized by GMA. He’s a baby bird flying for the first time. He was the Chosen One for a report on the Taylor Swift baseball curse. The confluence of sports and the pop culturess who is a ratings gold mine for GMA. Yes, Jesse has been dabbling with GMA for awhile, but this is the one report that puts him on a whole new level. Multiple demos are now going nuts over the guy.
There are certain things that make women stop in their tracks. Jesse Palmer reporting on anything Taylor Swift is one of them.
Why is Jesse Palmer about to become the official face of GMA? That hair…and numbers.
From AdWeek on Oct. 2:

For the first time in more than three years, NBC’s Today show won a full month (4 consecutive weeks) in the A25-54 demo, the one most important to advertisers of news. That hasn’t happened since July/August 2012 when NBC aired the London Summer Olympics. It was Today’s biggest demo lead on Good Morning America (+10 percent) since the Sochi Olympics in Feb. 2014.
GMA continues to lead Today among total viewers (by +10 percent last week), but NBC has closed that gap 59 percent vs. the same week last year.


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