Wisconsin Lost To Iowa, But Won The Tailgate

I said it Friday during the BC podcast hour: Iowa-Wisconsin in Madison would provide us with some amazing drunken moments. I know, I know…it’s not like that’s some massive prediction because we’re talking about two of the drunkest groups of fans in college football. You’re just never prepared for what these two will produce, especially some Thickie Vickie going face down, ass up.

By the way, how bad is Wisconsin? Six points at home against Iowa? Only 86 yards on the ground? 2.5 yards per attempt? Don’t look ahead, Iowa fan, but that schedule is manageable. Northwestern on the road in two weeks for the West title is unfathomable.
Have a drunken video from Iowa-Wisconsin that we need to see? Let me know.
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Meet Bama's Dippin' & Spittin' Chick
Meet Bama's Dippin' & Spittin' Chick
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