Buy This Missouri Tailgate Creeper Van — $2,100

Looking to get in the Missouri tailgate game after a hot 3-1 start to the season? If so, slow your roll, bro — your team just lost to Kentucky with games against Florida, Georgia and Mississippi State looming.
But we here at BC understand beer needs to be consumed and neighbors have to be freaked out, so maybe this 1993 Ford creeper van will be up your alley:

1993 Ford Van. Handicap/wheelchair lift. It is also set up for MIZZOU tailgating.

Oh, is it set up for Mizzou tailgating? We couldn’t tell from the Tigers paint job running around the thing.

A look inside

Working wheelchair lift because everyone should be able to tailgate if they want to:

Not-so-disgusting interior!

The seller is looking to deal for $2,100, which isn’t terrible considering everything looks to be properly maintained. Though, you may want to find out how many miles are on the van before you fully commit.

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Meet Bama's Dippin' & Spittin' Chick
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