WAGs of the MLB: AL West

In 2014, the Houston Astros only lost 92 games. Only? Yes, only 92 losses. The fans were getting tired of losing 100 games a season.
As the Astros traded away every single all-star and big contract on their roster, they also suffered in the wins column. They lost 106, 107, and 111 games in consecutive seasons from 2011 to 2013. When you suck, you get draft picks and the Astros ended up wasting no time selecting future All-Star Carlos Correa back in 2012.
It is now 2015 and the Houston Astros are ahead of schedule. They are┬ádoing more damage in 2015 then they have in the past six seasons combined. They have one of the scariest future lineups in the Majors and they haven’t even called up their best prospects yet.
In honor of their amazing run in 2015, we are going to give you a little treat, a list of the Hottest WAGs of the AL West.

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College Football Girlfriends & Wives
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