Scumbag Redskins Fan Robs Illinois Convenience Store


Obviously if you’re going to commit robbery, the ideal move would be to dress in clothing with no defining characteristics. Fortunately for police, a lot of people are idiots who love to the don the colors of their favorite team.

For instance, we have this man in Swansea who decided to rock his Washington Redskins hoodie while robbing a convenience store and two victims. The details from the Belleville News-Democrat:

A suspect carrying a gun and wearing a Washington Redskins sweatshirt took money from the cash register of a Swansea convenience store, then from a store clerk and customer early Wednesday morning.

The suspect then brandished a handgun and ordered the clerk and the patron to get behind the counter, Johnson said. The robber then took money from the cash registers and the two victims and ran from the building. According to police radio chatter, the man was last seen running from the gas station on foot, east on Parkway Drive.

According to the Swansea Police Department, they’re working in tandem with the FBI on this case and are offering a $1,000 reward.

This dude better watch himself — he has local police, feds and money-hungry civilians on his tail.