Guy With One Tooth & Broken Back Wins $2 Million On Draft Kings

By now you’ve read Bloomberg rail on about how you’ll only be a loser playing on daily fantasy sites because you aren’t good enough to win playing daily fantasy. Well, a guy with one tooth won $2 million last night when his lineup held up (I believe the closest challenger needed a massive night from Andre Johnson) and Patrick Dugan walked away with the cash.
That’s right, a guy with one tooth won $2 million. So what’s Patrick going to do with the money? His first answer:

For those who don’t know the ins and outs of daily fantasy, Draft Kings does a live YouTube show called Sweat Show where competitors rap with a host on how they’re feeling as they get closer to winning millions. The players become stars. Patrick and his tooth became a star Monday night as he was counting down the seconds before he’d become a millionaire.
He got closer and came clean about what he really wants to do with the winnings. Screw the one tooth thing and the broken back…VEGAS!

You can hear the excitement at the end as it’s clear Patrick will hold on and win the bucket of gold.
So the next time Bloomberg or some other blowhard tells you it’s impossible to win playing daily fantasy, kindly point out that degenerate Giants fan with one tooth and a broken back won $2 million. Dreams do come true in this country. Don’t stop now.

The winning lineup:


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