Lena Dunham’s Underwear, Kingsbury Vs. Bielema & Cardale’s Twitter Change


daily dump

Jets at Colts or baseball. I assume you’re going MNF. Will Andrew Luck throw for 400 yards on the Jets defense? Probably not, but Gruden will make it seem like Luck is the greatest QB in the history of the game. And he’ll find some other guy who is the next coming of a Football Jesus. You’ve had a long weekend of drinking. Tonight should be perfect for the couch and a nice cup of raspberry lemonade. Take it easy, you deserve it.


Lena Dunham in her underwear

College cheerleader of the week — Cristen from Memphis

Eagles fan runs onto the field

Kingsbury destroys Bielema

Larry Johnson’s baby mama takes him to the cleaners

Cardale’s big Twitter bio change

Gary from ‘Teen Mom’ being a loser

Meet Lina from Arizona State

Texas Fan of the Month

Sandwich of the Day


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