Indians Fans Jaw at Each Other Over Spilled Beer

Screen shot 2015-09-17 at 1.49.12 PM

Remember when SI said the Cleveland Indians were going to end their World Series drought this year? Good times.

However, it isn’t all bad for Indians fans — they arguably have the Rookie of the Year in shortstop Francisco Lindor, who happened to go deep in Wednesday night’s game. But in classic Cleveland fashion, two fans couldn’t even enjoy that because they were too busy getting in each other’s faces over a beer.

As you can see below, one fan goes balls to the wall to track down Lindor’s home run ball and accidentally knocks over someone’s half glass of beer. Understandably, the guy who dropped $10 on crap beer is pissed, but the guilty party randomly decides to act like a butthurt hardo:

I’ve had enough — just put goddamn protective nets over the entire stadium. Souvenir privileges should be lost for everyone.