Deez Nuts At Debate, Trump Faces & Bama Fan Buying Mich Ultra

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What a performance from The Donald

The guy knew when to tangle. He knew when to be quiet. He knew when to call out that dweeb Jeb. He knew when to stuff Rand Paul’s head into a toilet. I know all the experts are calling it a B performance because they can’t keep giving him A grades. I can. Trump knew that making faces would play extremely well on the Internet and he nailed it. Carly Fiorina seemed robotic…the perfect CEO that has all the answers. That’s enough, you guys are about to yell at me to stick to sports.

Here comes the next Civil War

And it’ll be over water. California is buying water from Nevada and it’ll drop Lake Mead by nine inches. I’ve said it for years, you can’t sustain giant cities in a desert without water. I’m no expert. Seems logical, right? Seems logical that civilizations were formed around drinking water, right? Yeah.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

Bryce Harper: 6th different player in MLB history with 40 HR in season before turning 23 (via ).