Texas YouTube Legend Chad McGhee Is Back & Better Than Ever

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The “days of coach, after coach, after coach, after coach” are over for the Dallas Cowboys, according to Texas YouTube legend Chad McGhee, the badass who incorporates wrestling shoots into his football commentary. The guy is a born performer. He gets it. He knows what Cowboys fans, and the Internet, want from his shoots. They want antics. They want to hear him get fired up. They want to see those teeth (tooth?).

The guy just brings it.

This week Chad is fired up over the Cowboys huge first week win when Eli Manning could’ve buried His Team by just running out the clock. But the Cowboys survived, got the game-winning touchdown from Romo to Witten and then got this speech from this 21st century Texas Tornado.

“Dominate. Annihilate. Outwit. Outplay.”

A+ effort here from Chad. Crushed it.


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