Kendall Jenner Pierced, FIU Foot Sniffer Popped & Emotional Cleveland Fireworks Guy

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Baseball and soccer. That’s it. Pretty sure I’m going to spend the night working on the man cave and try to get a day closer to having two TVs on the wall to watch NFL action in December when I can’t go outside because my balls will be frozen. It’s time to get ready to hunker down around here. Figure I have like two months to get this man cave done while Ohio State’s on bye weeks.

Annnnnddddd Kendall Jenner is pierced

Al Bundy riding around town without a shirt

Love this Kentucky truck’s message to Vols fans

Marshawn Lynch’s mom goes off on Facebook

Ole Miss sign takes a shot at Saban

FIU foot sniffer gets popped…look at this winner

Susan Sarandon’s 68 yr old rack

Meet Briana from Ohio State

Cleveland Fireworks Guy Beating Himself Up Vine of the Year

Sandwich of the Day


Devin Brugman In Blue, Finebaum Goes Off & Warren Sapp Update
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