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According to my math, the Detroit Tigers have 18 games remaining on their schedule. That’s all that stands between Justin Verlander and some exotic beach with Kate Upton. She’s finishing up her work this week in New York at Fashion Week while the Tigers, firmly in last place in the AL Central, just try to end it as quickly as possible.
This will go down as Verlander’s worst full season with the Tigers even as he cashed in $28,000,000. The Tigers still have another $112 million to go before they’re done paying the guy. By that time in the guy’s life, he will have made around $225,000,000 playing baseball.
As for Upton, she’s had a very quiet summer. Now 23, she’s segued from the modeling world to acting. She worked with William H. Macy this year on The Layover, which is set to be released in 2016. The premise of that movie: “Two friends decide to go on a road trip together.” Yeah, that one will be straight to OnDemand. You’ll buy it to see the good parts (I assume there will be some sort of water scene) and then instantly regret blowing the money. She has like five more years of getting away with this.┬áThe window is closing.
So the seasons change and life moves on. The Tigers are a mess, Kate Upton‘s older than the average college senior and Verlander is an afterthought.

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