Brugman & Oakley Do The Beach, JJ Watt Helmet-less Sack & Bieber Shotgunning

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TWO NFL GAMES FOR MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!! There might be a baseball game, but if you’re watching baseball, leave right now. The Eagles at Falcons is very interesting to me because I’m being told by national media that the Eagles have pretty good odds of winning the Super Bowl. Here comes Sam Bradford to take the Eagles to the Super Bowl. He’s never had a .500 or better season. Digest that. We also get the Vikings-49ers.

Devin Brugman & Tash Oakley do some beach

Bills fan dizzy bats himself head first into RV

GIF: J.J. Watt gets sack after his helmet was ripped off

Former Giants P Steve Weatherford ripped more than ever

Mike Stoops takes shot at Finebaum

Bieber shotgunning a beer

Odd: Couple banging in Norfolk shopping center parking lot

Meet Sam from the University of Arizona

Browns Fan Checking His Nipples Video of the Week

Sandwich of the Day

Pulled Pork & Egg sandwich from Niman Farms in Cali. #PulledPorkYo #BigButs

— Rich O'Toole (@RichOToole) September 12, 2015