A Season With Buffalo Bills Fans: Puke, A Goat & Love Is In The Air – Week One

The Bills are 1-0. They found a dual-threat quarterback. The defense held the Colts to 64 rushing yards. Andrew Luck threw two interceptions (full box score – here). The weather has turned. The fans puked. The fans got real drunk. The Zubaz have never looked better. Dare I say it?
We will be following the fans of certain teams this season in their journey from beginning to end. There are certain fan bases that deserve more attention than others so we’ll be focusing on those fans & teams that bring it week after week. I couldn’t think of better fans to kick things off than Bills fan. They’re a creative bunch who always find a new way to get drunk and cause a scene. I like that. I respect that.
So we’ll recap Bills home games via the drunken/fun photos you guys have come to expect from BC. Let’s get started.

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NFL Chain Gang Guy Takes Out Chiefs Coach With His Chain Pole
NFL Chain Gang Guy Takes Out Chiefs Coach With His Chain Pole
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