Jeremy Lin Had To Convince The Hornets Security That He Plays For Them


I’m going to try and not get too stereotypical here, but when you’re one of the only Asian players in the NBA, I can see why this happens. What is there like 2 or 3 Asian players still left? Is Yi Jianlian still playing? I know Yao is gone now, so really the only one I can think of is Jeremy. So, in a way I can kind of understand where this lady is coming from.

Went to the Hornets arena for 1st time and tried convincing security im a player. She said, "what team?!?" lollll #everywhereigo #literally

— Jeremy Lin (@JLin7) September 12, 2015

Although, I will say this, if you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is and you work in an NBA arena something is wrong with you. Linsanity, ever heard of it, lady? He basically took over the city of New York for like 3 straight months. Granted he really hasn’t done anything since, but the guy was basically the most popular player in the NBA at one point.