Barbie Blank’s Cancun Bachelorette Party Weekend Seemed Fun

In the event that our glowing review of the E! show, “WAGS,” didn’t convince you to tune in every Tuesday, we’re here to persuade you once more with a look at Barbie Blank’s insane bachelorette party weekend.

Blank, who’s engaged to former NHL player Sheldon Souray, hit up her hottest gals (including former WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet) for a weekend of shenanigans in Cancun.

Of course, there was champagne popping:

Penis cake:

And loads of NSFW party gifts:

I mean, there’s no way this bash isn’t covered at some point during the season, right? The Kardashian Network pretty much lives and breathes for this type of content.

Anyway, this is the TV most of you guys are probably missing out on, which is a shame. Maybe tell your spouse about the show and watch it with her if you’re too macho to tune into E! solo.

[Barbara Blank- IG]

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