Vegas: Alabama Would Be 6-Point Underdogs To Ohio State Right Now

No way Ohio State could possibly go undefeated through the gauntlet that is the SEC West. That’s the battle cry right now for the SEC whiners. Yeah, because Ohio State doesn’t have the talent to hang with that cream of the crop of the SEC like Alabama, Auburn, LSU, A&M? The mindset is that there’s no way the team they hate so much could possibly have more talent than their beloved SEC.
Let’s see what the Bama vs. OSU line would be right now from Vegas guru Todd Fuhrman.

Hmm, that’s interesting.
Like I was saying, the mindset is that it’s impossible for a northern team to get through so much talent. IMPOSSIBLE.

Maybe one upset loss. Maybe. Missouri, Tennessee & Mississippi State aren’t exactly intimidating. Did you watch the Bowling Green-Tennessee game? Obviously Ohio State is more talented than A&M and Ole Miss. Those teams remind me of when Iowa would be ranked 17th every season. Penn State would have a similar ranking. Ohio State went 12-0 in 2002 and beat five ranked teams and won at unranked Wisconsin. Guess it would be impossible for a team like Ohio State to accomplish something so insane in the SEC.
One more question for Todd Fuhrman.

I didn’t want to bother Todd with too many numbers. I assume he’d have Arkansas in the DDs with LSU and A&M.

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